Friday, November 2, 2012

Lock Downed Bitch

He Serve Me Ass For Breakfast Sit On My Face If I Let Him It's Wet Cause I Tongued It Down His Ass Got Em Fighting His Ass Got Em Fighting He Ain't Like These Niggas Who Got That One Hitta Quiter He Got That Juicy That Made Me Fall In ♥ Wit Him Already Done Caught Them Feelings & I Ain't Letting Another Nigga Hit It. He Want Tell You Where I Put That Mouth Cause See That Dere Is Our Business. Just Know I Put That Tongue Where He Ask Me To Put It. He Said Just Put The Head In Hours Later We Still Fucking Now Hours Hour Later I'm Still Thrusting No Ky Cup He Still Gushing. Damn He Got It Every Nigga Ain't Like Him. ♥ James "He Got Me On LOCK DOWN BITCH"

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