Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My bestie Lexii Warren just touched me so much with the inspiring inbox message she just sent to me. It's people like her & her auntie that keeps me going on. If it wasn't for people who have a positive influence on my life i don't know where i would be. Each day i've been going through struggles people so quick to up & judge me or point the fingers my way when they have never walked in my shoes o r been through what i've been through in the past years of my life we all go through changes & make mistakes i've had my share of guys in my life that have came & gone but that doesn't define who i am or what i'm made of. I have a serious heart to wanna love someone that one is it wrong to wanna be loved for who i am not the material or physical things i can put on the table before them? Is it wrong for me to be friendly to people who are friendly to me? Is it wrong to just wanna live my life & be happy? I just want peace in my life i'm tired of the damn boy drama tired of the games & tired of the lies. I wanna be someone that people can look up to i wanna have a family kids of my own that i can raise and mold into beautiful smart individuals i wanna be L O V E D. The only person who i can say has loved me through all my struggles & all my ups & dwns is Jesus Chirst he has been my friend through it all through my good & bad days through my up & my dwns. When no one was around to lift my head off of the ground Jesus was there and he has never removed his unchanging hand from my side yet. So i know as long as i continue pressing on with Jesus along myside no one can harm me for he is the lily in the valley,the I am greater,My creator,My end of life decision maker. & my love for him shall never change AMEN. ♥ James

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