Tuesday, December 7, 2010

*Shout Out To My Friend FlashTheKenDoll*

I Would Like To Give A Shout Out To My Friend FlashTheKenDoll For Creating A wonderful Song just for me. I feel honered to have my name mentioned on a track by flash. I really feel like i am a star that has finally been able to reach her star quality potential. I love you flash. i can't say thank u enough.
Ja'mila Beaux Anges Newsome

*A Little Something For My Husband*

It's The Things You Do That Make Me Smile, The Things You Say That Drives Me Wild. These Are The Reasons I Fell In Love With You. Not Cause The Money,The Cars,Or The Clothes. It Was You That Made Me Want To Explore What Else Lied Beneath Those Brown Eyes. I Love You And That's All That Matters. I'm Not Going Anywhere I'm Here To Stay.
Love Your Wifey,
Ja'mila Beaux Anges Newsome