Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Piece Of Poetry For My Prince Charming

♥ Had A Lot Of Moments That Didn't Last Forever Now Your In The Corner Tryna Put Em Back Together. How To Love. How To Love. I've Had A Lot Of Crooks Tryna Still My Heart Never Really Had Love Could Never Figure Out How To Love Until I Met You. & You Showed Me What Real Love Was All About. You Showed Me It Wasn't About Material Things But About The Passion & Joy. I've Figured Out How To Love Because Of U.♥ Ja'mila

Something For My Hubbykins

♥ L O V E I Love Ya There's Not A Thing That I Won't Do For You. We Can Last Forever You & Me, You Got Everything I Want & Need. Never Had ♥ Quite Like This But I'm Glad You've Found Me & I've Found You Us Together Is All I Need. I Couldn't Have Asked My Heavenly Father For A Better ♥. I Just Wanna Say Thank You For Turning My Life Around From Zero To One Trillion. I ♥ U Baby. Nothing Will Separate Us ♥ Ja'mila

Friday, May 27, 2011

Homeless Girl

Homeless Girl-A Poem Inspired By My Life & Struggles
by Ja'mila Beaux Anges on Friday, May 27, 2011 at 1:36pm

She Has No Place To Go & Nothing To Eat. She's Down On Her Knees Begging For Change. Back On These Streets Ain't Where She Should Be. Nickles & Dimes Are All That She Finds. Sleeping Behind Old Filthy Homes. With Her Blanket & Bags Shaking Because She's Cold. She's Been In The Shelter's To Take A Nice Bath The Back On The Streets Tryna Make It Some how. She's Crying & Praying Cause It Ain't What She Needs. Daddy Ain't Around Been Gone Since She Turned Seven. Mama's So Busy Working Never Having Time For Her. So She's Back Out In These Streets Tryna Find A Place For Her.She Runs Into Some People She Thinks She Can Trust They Take Her In For Three Weeks Then Puts Her Back On The Streets. She's Out Here Again Tyrna Make It Some how. Hustling & Struggling Tryna Make It Through Life. Her So Called Boyfriend Tells Her About This Empty House That He Knows Is Empty & Says She Should Stay There Cause She Want Be To Far From Him. Everyday She Lays Down He's No Where To Be Found. In The Morning She Rises & Goes To Find Him. He's At His Grandma's House Being A Bitch Saying " Why Do you Come To Me For Everything . I Told Yo Ass Only To Come To Me If It's An Emergency. She's Had Enough So She Decides To Leave But She's Hurting Inside Because She Feels He's What She Needs. So She Calls Up Her Friend & She Invites Her To Stay There For Two Weeks Then They Ship Her Out.Now She's Back With Her Husband After Three Months Of Being Separated For Three Months. She's Gonna Be Somebody Ya'll Watch And See. Cause She's Been Through Hell & Now She's Found Peace. Deep In Her Heart She Has Nothing But Joy. To Love Everybody Color & Race. Cause She's Been To The Lowest Point In Her Life. She's Gotta Do It Big For Her Community. Gotta Shine Her Light Bright So People Can See & Follow Her Path To Forgiveness & Happiness. So Come Follow Me On My journey Through This Thing We Call Life. Inspired By My Actual Life.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shout out to my friend Calvin for this wonderful piece of art that he wrote for me & my husband**

Calvin Maurice Moore Wardlow

Not Easily Broken, A Love So Strong, Boundaries Are Sacred, Our Love A Fire Stained in our Heart, Sealed in my tears are stains of sacred emotions only my husband can understand, you are my rock the stone that sets the foundation on our love, you are my sheild, the security and protection, i need that will get me through any battle, you are my support, thicks with me through thick and thin, your are my heart the man i grew to love pass lust, but the deep and never-ending seal of us is our marriage the sacred bond that's not easily broken!