Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Youtube

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My Version Of Drake & Nicki Minaj's Make Me Proud

♥ Bet Bet Bet Bet Bet I Am All Of These Bitches I'm Badder Than. Ja'mila Monae Dior Be The Name, And These Hoes Out Here Already No My Plan. 2012 I'm Taking Over The Game. Right Foot In Tha Door And I'm Taking A Stand. Snatch This Bitch Up With The Mic In My Hand. Leave Hoes In The Sand While I Earn My Grands. But Baby If He Asked Me To A Break I'll Give It All Away. I Don't Care What Them Niggas Say. He Could Be A Billion Million Trillion Miles Away. He Asked My Sign I Said Dem Benjamins. I'ma boss tell them hoes get loss. What's The Point What I'm Earning. 2012 Tell Them Bitches To Get Burning. ♥ It's Rudey Tudey ♥

Another Freestyle

♥ Lil boi from GA down south is where I stay. Got the girls & the niggas turning heads when I slay. Hit em with the one hitta quitta and they all blown away. J A M I L A be the name they say. On my fly boss shit ya nigga peep da chain. Take ya bitch in da coupe getting brain she insane. blownin green out the window. Smoke blazin through my lungs bumping Gucci in da back yea bitch I be Rollin . ♥ It's Rudey Tudey ♥

Another Freestyle

♥ Mila back on da mic where them hoes at now. Talking shit bout a bitch hell naw neva dat. Real boss nigga BITCH keep ya girl on my dick. Fuck ha throat til she choke real shit no joke. Peti bitch sit down u times up drown. Told ya'll i'm coming for my crown. Clown ass bitch fuck ha up make her frown. I'm da boss in dis league bitches follow me. If u want some hot shit 20 thou for a verse boss shit i'm out ♥ It's Rudey Tudey ♥

Another Freestyle

♥ Ya Rhymes Are Plastic. Stretch Em Out Like Elastic. Mila's Fantastic, Yea Bitch Nigga U Tragic. Bi Nigga In Dis Bitch. Getting Pleasure From Yo Bitch His Bitch & Dat Nigga To. Gotta Em Blue In The Faces Niggas Looking Like Blues Clues Whose Hot Not You. Bitch Nigga U Through. Didn't Wanna Have To Do What I'm About To Do. But It's Time I Show You Nigguhs About What I Can Really Do. Shoot Em Up, S...moke Em Yea Nigguh Fuck Em Up. Duck Tape Ya Eyes Put My Glock In Ya Mouth. Real Nigga From The South Ya'll No What I'm About. Don't Let My Looks Fool You Looks Are Deciving. Showing Ya'll Nigguhs Why I'm The Reason Have Ya Bitch Swallow My Semen. Closed Caskets I'm Done Send Ya Ass Away With Sorrowful

A Poem For My Auntie

♥ A Poem Written For My Auntie:
Angel up above ine heaven
So sad to see you gone so soon.
Memories of your face, your smile, and your joyous presence.
Is all I have lefted now.
... I want forgrt you auntie.
In my heart you live on.
I have to be strong now.
And carry out your journey through this life I live. Pain & sorrow is what I feel. But I know you wouldn't want me to be crying but smiling at the memories we shared. I love you auntie your home now with your father. Rest peacefully in your heavenly home. ♥ It's Rudey Tudey ♥

Freestyle To Lil Wayne's We Be Steady Mobbin

♥ Man fuck dese bitches. I'ma spare everything but dese bitches. I get my money and say fuck dese bitches pull my dick out my boxers str8 fuckin dese bitches. & fuck dese niggas I swear I care bout everything but dese niggas. I don't care I so what and put m.o.e above these niggas. If it ain't hard don't fuck it. And if it ain't bout money don't suck it. Hope u don't get w...eak cause when I put dis ass on you i'ma slurp up all yo kids motherfucker. Futuristic long hair ass on fire and dis ass slanging like everywhere. Aim at you bitches like man come. You bitches softer than my ass son. You can not reach on my blackberry hoe. I'm busy fuckin yo nigga and giving his baby mama my damn tounge. Nasty motherfucker I am but the crazy thing is I don't give a fuck. And all black dicks have str8 good credit, nice cars and shit nigga. Big dicks, long ass tounge will make dis ass nut, make dis ass nut. Dis ass shaking music. Da remix baby so bitch ride to it. Yea fuck my ass is da movement. #1 single so bitch ride to it. And i'm still getting doe. Long hair thick ass shitting on you hoes. Uh huh and bitch I am a problem Ja'mila Dior a.k.a Rudey Tudey representin da south ♥ J.M.D

My Thoughts On People And Their Negativity Towards My Queen Onika Tayna Maraj a.k.a Nicki Minaj

♥ I guess it's true when people see you as a TOP COMPETITOR they will do whatever they can to try to bring you down to their level. I'm happy my mother raised me to have a tough and fertile back bone that can stand strong against any phyiscal or verbal attack people ish my way. Cause i am Ja'mila Monae Dior and i will be the best and hold my head up high like my Queen Nicki Minaj #POINT BLANK PERIOD ♥ J.M.D.