Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Freestyle To Lil Wayne's We Be Steady Mobbin

♥ Man fuck dese bitches. I'ma spare everything but dese bitches. I get my money and say fuck dese bitches pull my dick out my boxers str8 fuckin dese bitches. & fuck dese niggas I swear I care bout everything but dese niggas. I don't care I so what and put m.o.e above these niggas. If it ain't hard don't fuck it. And if it ain't bout money don't suck it. Hope u don't get w...eak cause when I put dis ass on you i'ma slurp up all yo kids motherfucker. Futuristic long hair ass on fire and dis ass slanging like everywhere. Aim at you bitches like man come. You bitches softer than my ass son. You can not reach on my blackberry hoe. I'm busy fuckin yo nigga and giving his baby mama my damn tounge. Nasty motherfucker I am but the crazy thing is I don't give a fuck. And all black dicks have str8 good credit, nice cars and shit nigga. Big dicks, long ass tounge will make dis ass nut, make dis ass nut. Dis ass shaking music. Da remix baby so bitch ride to it. Yea fuck my ass is da movement. #1 single so bitch ride to it. And i'm still getting doe. Long hair thick ass shitting on you hoes. Uh huh and bitch I am a problem Ja'mila Dior a.k.a Rudey Tudey representin da south ♥ J.M.D

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