Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Version Of Drake & Nicki Minaj's Make Me Proud

♥ Bet Bet Bet Bet Bet I Am All Of These Bitches I'm Badder Than. Ja'mila Monae Dior Be The Name, And These Hoes Out Here Already No My Plan. 2012 I'm Taking Over The Game. Right Foot In Tha Door And I'm Taking A Stand. Snatch This Bitch Up With The Mic In My Hand. Leave Hoes In The Sand While I Earn My Grands. But Baby If He Asked Me To A Break I'll Give It All Away. I Don't Care What Them Niggas Say. He Could Be A Billion Million Trillion Miles Away. He Asked My Sign I Said Dem Benjamins. I'ma boss tell them hoes get loss. What's The Point What I'm Earning. 2012 Tell Them Bitches To Get Burning. ♥ It's Rudey Tudey ♥

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