Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Freestyle

♥ Ya Rhymes Are Plastic. Stretch Em Out Like Elastic. Mila's Fantastic, Yea Bitch Nigga U Tragic. Bi Nigga In Dis Bitch. Getting Pleasure From Yo Bitch His Bitch & Dat Nigga To. Gotta Em Blue In The Faces Niggas Looking Like Blues Clues Whose Hot Not You. Bitch Nigga U Through. Didn't Wanna Have To Do What I'm About To Do. But It's Time I Show You Nigguhs About What I Can Really Do. Shoot Em Up, S...moke Em Yea Nigguh Fuck Em Up. Duck Tape Ya Eyes Put My Glock In Ya Mouth. Real Nigga From The South Ya'll No What I'm About. Don't Let My Looks Fool You Looks Are Deciving. Showing Ya'll Nigguhs Why I'm The Reason Have Ya Bitch Swallow My Semen. Closed Caskets I'm Done Send Ya Ass Away With Sorrowful

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