Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Real Love Never Dies

Years have gone by & I still think of you. Memories we shared lives in me. You where my 1st love,A friend I could trust. We did things that others might have found odd. But only u & I know why. Tears on your chest when I would cry at nite. Kisses on your lips that brought flames to my soul. Gazing in your eyes praying you would always be mine. Oh, how things have changed we're not together now But i'm still yearning for you some how. A friend to me you will always be. This ♥ in me that burns for you will always remain. You will forever be the light I turn to when the nights are dark. The shoulder I lean on when things aren't right. The arms I run to when I'm losing my mind. I love you FOREVER no matter where we stand you will always be my 1st MAN & my 1st TIME & my 1st LOVE & my 1st Engagement. I Love You Gerry Newsome Jr & I Miss You. ♥ James *.* When you truly ♥ someone no matter what they have done to you or put you through you will still have a place in your heart for them. Cause real ♥ never dies it continues on for a lifetime *.*

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