Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am on that 24 hour ass eating diet. I am on that 24 hour ass eating diet. Damn this shit is good I encourage you to try it. It ain't trickin if you got it but i still gone buy if. Fly guy baby i'm your designated pilot. Kush come blow with a nigga. Drop top with the kush i got that good. Come rock with a nigga. Take you out the hood that's if you could. Be down for a nigga. Show me that you would. Get get that money. Get it understood. Everything like ugh. I'm off my rocker. Shouts out to the poppers. Pump you up like doctors. Nice & proper. He bad like a lobster. He bad to the bone. Put him in my helicopter. I'm thinking um i'ma take him home. I get this long harry potter. That magic stick. That will turn you on. It's nice & long. Let me take you home so we can bone. They can't help it. & I can't blame them. Since I got famous But Bitch I Got Niggas That Blow. I'm getting it in. Letting these bills fall over your ass. I Got Niggas that blow, ooooo blow oooo ♥ James a.k.a Ja'mila Monae Dior *.* My remix to Drake,Lil Wayne, & Baby's Money To Blow. Titled Niggas That Blow *.*

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