Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am on that 24 hour ass eating diet. I am on that 24 hour ass eating diet. Damn this shit is good I encourage you to try it. It ain't trickin if you got it but i still gone buy if. Fly guy baby i'm your designated pilot. Kush come blow with a nigga. Drop top with the kush i got that good. Come rock with a nigga. Take you out the hood that's if you could. Be down for a nigga. Show me that you would. Get get that money. Get it understood. Everything like ugh. I'm off my rocker. Shouts out to the poppers. Pump you up like doctors. Nice & proper. He bad like a lobster. He bad to the bone. Put him in my helicopter. I'm thinking um i'ma take him home. I get this long harry potter. That magic stick. That will turn you on. It's nice & long. Let me take you home so we can bone. They can't help it. & I can't blame them. Since I got famous But Bitch I Got Niggas That Blow. I'm getting it in. Letting these bills fall over your ass. I Got Niggas that blow, ooooo blow oooo ♥ James a.k.a Ja'mila Monae Dior *.* My remix to Drake,Lil Wayne, & Baby's Money To Blow. Titled Niggas That Blow *.*

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Real Love Never Dies

Years have gone by & I still think of you. Memories we shared lives in me. You where my 1st love,A friend I could trust. We did things that others might have found odd. But only u & I know why. Tears on your chest when I would cry at nite. Kisses on your lips that brought flames to my soul. Gazing in your eyes praying you would always be mine. Oh, how things have changed we're not together now But i'm still yearning for you some how. A friend to me you will always be. This ♥ in me that burns for you will always remain. You will forever be the light I turn to when the nights are dark. The shoulder I lean on when things aren't right. The arms I run to when I'm losing my mind. I love you FOREVER no matter where we stand you will always be my 1st MAN & my 1st TIME & my 1st LOVE & my 1st Engagement. I Love You Gerry Newsome Jr & I Miss You. ♥ James *.* When you truly ♥ someone no matter what they have done to you or put you through you will still have a place in your heart for them. Cause real ♥ never dies it continues on for a lifetime *.*

Friday, November 23, 2012

Theme Song For My Group M.M.K

Money Making Kingz Yea We On Da Grind These Niggas Better Get Ready We Bout To Take Over 3 Of The Baddest Boys Shutting Down The Industry Leaving These Boys Behind Staying On Our Grind Money On Our Minds It's me, Southern Prince, And Our New Member To Be Announced Soon Came From The Bottom On Our Way To The Top It Was Hard From The Beginning But It Want Stop Us From Winning Shinning Like True Stars Taking Back What's Ours We're The Money Making Kingz Now Move & Let Us Claim Our Throne. Written By James Edward Irving III a.k.a Ja'mila Monae Dior *Sumthin I've Written For My New Group M.M.K

Sunday, November 11, 2012

You single

You single bissshhh Do ya thang then sho it off Make a nigga spend it all bitch Droppin stacks at the mall oh you badd bitch. Hoes hating when you pass that's some sad shit. Got hella swagg I take ya man quick. Havin him beggin for the dick but give his ass shit. I do this shit these bitches be to pussy to. Shout out cocaine and tell her pass the blunt. We getting high living life having fun like its just begun. ♥ James a.k.a Ja'mila *.* Something For My Team #TeamJa'mila a.k.a My Little Diorians Untitled freestyle that i'm working on hoping to feature my girl honey cocaine *.*

Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Flow

While ya'll be on dat hating shit I be on dis paper chase Countin Stack$ on you hoes Making it rain on you crows. Mila be the name they say Ask ya man he blown away He see's dis ass He drops his glass And ask me fo a lil dance I pick it up & drops it low Now he's hard in his pants Asks Me For A One Stand Sorry Boo I Gotta A Man *.* A Lil Sumthin Sumthin. Damn I Swear Being Wit Him Has Me Gone *.*

Random Flow

When you coming at me come harder. Dis flows so sick it'll slaughter ya daughter. Been in dis shit since I hopped out da cooch Slicing & dicing niggas up wit da Florida flo Ain't a bwoy in dis league dat can fuck wit me I got da nigguhs & da bitches wanna ride dis dick. My shit so sick, that when it spits it spits. Open up ya mouths fo da flava haterz. Mila riding on ya'll hoes like them escalators. Rocking them custom alligators. BITCH i'm out so holla at me later. *.* A lil sumthin. Tinking of da babez *.*

Crazy Sex

He likes to ride I love to drive But when he rides it It drives me wild He lets me pull up to his bumper & whispers "Make Sure You Park & Let Me Ride" I'm #So Addicted ♥ Milo

Chosen by the best

I've been chosen by the best. He stay feeling on my chest. When we fuck we leave a mess. Bwoy I swear my man's the best. He keeps that ass nice & tight. Lets daddy go down & bite. & he rides me like a bike. All nite he can rock my mic. Dis this ♥ right here's the greatest. We know the haters is gonna hate us. But we ain't caring cause they're our motavation. ♥ Milo "Just a lil sumthin for my #1 Fan a.k.a my baby"

Lock Downed Bitch

He Serve Me Ass For Breakfast Sit On My Face If I Let Him It's Wet Cause I Tongued It Down His Ass Got Em Fighting His Ass Got Em Fighting He Ain't Like These Niggas Who Got That One Hitta Quiter He Got That Juicy That Made Me Fall In ♥ Wit Him Already Done Caught Them Feelings & I Ain't Letting Another Nigga Hit It. He Want Tell You Where I Put That Mouth Cause See That Dere Is Our Business. Just Know I Put That Tongue Where He Ask Me To Put It. He Said Just Put The Head In Hours Later We Still Fucking Now Hours Hour Later I'm Still Thrusting No Ky Cup He Still Gushing. Damn He Got It Every Nigga Ain't Like Him. ♥ James "He Got Me On LOCK DOWN BITCH"