Friday, June 18, 2010


What's Hot!
o Nature Inspired Design: Anything "green" goes! There is a genuine respect and desire for materials and products that are re-purposed, re-used, re-claimed, re-cycled and sustainable - with colors that reflect the natural elements of the sand and sea, forests, trees and sky.
o Handmade/Artisanal Furniture and Accessories: A return to one of a kind bespoke furnishings, customized to your specifications - where the product is predicated on the highest quality of craftsmanship - and will last for generations to come.
o Traditional With A Twist: Juxtapose your formal furnishings with more natural and relaxed accent pieces. The key is to mix up traditional furniture arrangements with casual pieces punched up with grace and style.
o Going Global: The inspiration of exploration and adventure. Incorporating souvenirs from your worldly travels or grabbing some unique pieces at a weekend flea market instantly infuses your personality into your home.
o Color Palette: Grey is the new beige. Pair charcoal and slate gray with hot metallics like pewter and silver and brass - and blend them with luxurious lavenders, warm yellows and dramatic black and whites for a dramatic effect.
What's Not!
o Granite Countertops: The "Builders' Special". This material has been on the scene for well over 20 years and it's time to give it the proper burial. It's old, predictable and extremely out-dated. Go for honed limestones, concretes, woods and even quartz surfaces.
o Oversized Furniture: Bigger doesn't mean better. Machine made over scaled furniture dominated family rooms for years and often was just too massive for the space it occupied. The matching furniture pieces resembled more of a furniture showroom than a family room - and lacked personality. Stay away from the "matchy-matchy" syndrome.
o Dark and Heavy Drapery: For some it was a statement of luxury, for others it was a way to create privacy and some drama. In reality, the velvets, brocades and damasks adorned with chunky tassels and trims, belong in the high school theatre's art department. Privacy is important, but consider more natural materials with simple textures of woods, silks and linens.
o Faux Anything: It goes for people and things - be true to yourself and don't pretend to be something you're not. Unless you willing to use the "real" piece, don't display a plastic antlered table lamp, or faux zebra area rug and expect it to have the impact you're looking for. Introduce something authentic with texture and pattern that reflects your taste and style.

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