Saturday, June 19, 2010


Loyalty is an allegiance of truth Today I'm talking about loyalty because of an incident that happened between a friend and I. To me being loyal to someone is one of the ways u can really show that person that you respect them. Well in this case scenario it wasn't someone being loyal. This friend of mines whose name will not be mentioned to keep down drama. Feels like I'm not showing them any loyalty because i launched a website and stuff and didn't mentioned there name. They also feel that i should honor them in some kind of way. The way i see things is this all boils down to jealousy. Because i have showed love to the people who supported me with creating this site since day one. the reason this person feels so blating disrespected is because they didn't come with an idea of there on to create a website. as i say everyday in my site's topic this site is created by James Edward Irving III-Newsome to promote me and my friends business and what's hot in the fashion and entertainment business. now i don't know how much clearer i can make it. but as i said b4 there is no love lost i still love u and wish you tha best on whatever u decide to do. cause DivaBarbie ain't gone let nobody come in an take away my success and shine. I've always dreamed of making a name for myself and dats what i plan on doing and if i have to step on a few toes to make it to the top so be it. Dis Be DivaBarbie Signing Off