Thursday, August 26, 2010

*My senior year so far*

My senior year so far has been a bomber. First of to start with my first day as a senior i had to go off on some rude racist white prick. who started talking shit because my sisters and i was walking across the street to slow for him so he decided to curse at us why da fuck did he do that shit. Ja'mila Beaux Anges Newsome jumped outta me so quick i forget everything else and started cursing his ass slap out. Then yesterday me and my sisters where at the library minding our own business when h\this dude decides to get slick so i cursed his ass out. i dnt understand why these fucking low life dudes wanna fuck with me. i no i'm hot in all but damn can a bitch get a second to breath. well that's all for now folks dis is DivaBarbie a.k.a Ja'mila Beaux Anges Newsome singing out once again. Love u guys and girls i'm out duces

Monday, August 23, 2010

*First Day Of Senior Year*

today was my first day of senior year. it was alright i thought it would be much more fun but it was just like the rest of them. anyways i can't wait to finish this year over so me and my fiance can finally move on and do what we want with our live and not have to worry about me waking up every morning for school. today would have been perfectly fine if it wasn't for this racist white prick who said some real racist shit when i went to pick up my lil sisters from school talking bout if ya'll don't hurry up and cross the street u fucking niggas. and ya'll kno he shouldn't have said that cause Ja'mila Beaux Anges Newsome went slap off on his ass calling him all kinds of names waiting for him to step out dat fucking truck so i could beat his ass. other then dat i ruined my hair and other shit so i'm pretty pissed off for today. dis be DivaBarbie signing out

Sunday, August 8, 2010

*DivaBarbie's Two New Favorite music videos*

Sean Kingston ft Nicki Minaj

Eminem Ft Rihanna

*DivaBarbie And Reddbones Wedding Plans Coming Soon*

Everyone get ready for the wedding of the year DivaBarbie and Reddbones wedding plans will be coming soon. Get ready for the wedding that is going to sweep you off ur feet. We have been working hard to come up with the right details and ideas for our wedding so it's just taking us a little while to get things ready but by January 15th,2011 u shall be ready to see the most glam fab wedding of the century. so stay tuned my fellow subscribers.

*The new fashion trends*

The new trends are classically inspired items with a serious infusion of sex and skin. the video posted below will give more in depth details. These are the winter ideas.